Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget

The title of this post has been a slogan for the tragedy of 9/11 since the the day the attack on the World Trade center occurred. And they are words to live by beyond the remembrance of the thousand of people who never made it home that day. As I take my own moments of silence, not only to remember those people and heroes, but as a reflection on where I have come since then.  I was not in NYC at the time but in Boston. I felt like I was right there with the rest of the country. Looking back, I have had a good life since that day. Graduated college, lived in 4 different states, a nice career, married, had kids and begun my journey in this thing we call the stock market. And everyday, through the frustrations, the hard lessons learned and the victories... I remember what makes all this possible. Those people that put the lives of others ahead of themselves, from the first responders and the soldiers that went to war. To the people that were trapped and helped others ahead of themselves.  I definitely remember and I will never forget.

It is a tough day to be trading out there but in the sake of moving forward, here are some of my thoughts, plans and positions today.


One of the names that loves to be hated. I am watching this travel up the raising channel.  Playing the bounce off that lower trend line. Hit it perfectly yesterday and now coming right off it. I am not worried about the "over bough" indicator it has been at since earnings. Clearly this is an example of a stock that over bough and will stay over bough as long as it wants to.  I initiated call options at the 43.50 strike. Looking for a retest of the highs this week for my target. Without volume on a break out, I will cover.

This one is a tough nut to crack since it is so volatile and hinges on the random tweet or speculative headline. But I like the wedge it is trading in and will watch it off the bottom trend line.  It has moved up and then back down a lot in a little amount of time. Strictly playing this on the whipsaw movement it is know for.

Dropping like a rock. Only be a matter of time until Icahn gets on the horn but until then, this is dropping like a rock. Not chasing right now but it is holding at th/e 200d and 50d sma intersection. If it breaks that, I am looking for the target to be at the pivot point from 8/9/13. Although I love the name, until it shows signs of innovation, it is screwed.

Happy trading

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